Exploration of COVID 19 Pandemic: A summary of Science in various masks during 21 Days Lockdown

Today I am posting a post on various surgical masks that were used by everyone during the lockdown for protection against COVID 19 virus.


In general, humans who are not affordable for purchasing masks for regular usage inside the home, as well as outside premises. To protect the COVID 19 disease most of the middle and lower class people use handkerchiefs, soft clothes (like banyan clothes, cotton fabrics, etc).


Here in this post, the research community can understand the scientific reason for using surgical masks is important rather than the handkerchiefs or any other materials.


To understand the scientific reasons behind the various masks and hand made masks made by fabrics. I have chosen 2 surgical masks, an N95 mask, and two-layer banyan, handkerchief. The post concludes various figures of used materials with their significance in a step by step manner.

Remaining data can be available in this link:  https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=190411

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